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Let our experienced technicians make your tech life easier. Whether you are an individual or a local business, we are here to serve your every repair & IT need!

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Personal IT Services

For nearly thirty years, Simplified Computers has been the premier choice for computer repairs and IT in central Illinois. Whether you visit our store or opt for doorstep service, our expert technicians provide expert assistance, handling every aspect of the job with care and proficiency.

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Managed IT Solutions

Receive comprehensive managed IT support for your business's devices, networks, and servers to ensure smooth operations. Rely on our team of expert technicians for everything from computer and network deployment to troubleshooting and maintenance, optimizing your technology infrastructure for efficient and secure connectivity.

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Top-notch technology

We prioritize staying ahead of the curve by constantly updating our technology to ensure that we always offer our customers the latest and most innovative products at the best price possible. Discover a variety of devices for purchase or construct a PC using separate components!

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